Flowmaster Products

Flowmaster is a one dimensional Thermo-Fluid System Simulation Software, enabling analysts and engineers to perform System Simulation to design, validate and optimize complex fluid systems.

Flowmaster takes into account of the complex internal flow and thermal effects within a component through empirical or mathematical relationships of pressure drop, flow rate and temperate difference across the component, often based on component parameters.

Flomaster has been the tool of choice for 1-D thermo fulid simulation of pipework networks and systems for more than 20 years.Based on Don Millers "Internal flow systems",Flomaster is univalued in terms of accuracy,flexbility and cross industry appeal due to its superior transient slover.Flomaster devlivers results you can trust from the earliest stages of design process

Integration with 3D Analysis

A tightly coupled,general purpose 1D-3D CFD simulation software combination helps users chracterize the mors complex components of the system in 3D and insert those component characteristics into the 1D system level models for simulation.It helps further speed up of the design process while ensuring accurate upfront system analysis based on fluid flow and heat trasfer data by using 3D simulation at the component level.