Orbit 9 Electronics has focused on providing the quality engineering consultancy involving CFD and FEA analysis to our clients.

We delight ourselves and our clients by providing an unmatched combination of CFD and FEA solutions with real life impact on design and development of innovative products. Our unique blend of skills and experience allows us to provide big-picture perspectives, share cross-disciplinary knowledge and clearly communicate insights in a way our competitors can't.

Following are the services that we provide in various CAE verticals:

Electronic cooling :

we provide thermal solutions for wide range of electronic applications that include:


No matter how complex your airflow application is, modeling enables you to understand it more

comprehensively through the medium of virtual reality and computer 3D animation. As a result, you can:

HVAC can be applied to buildings of all types and sizes. atriums, shopping malls and office buildings theatres, airport terminals, storage facilities and warehouses telephone exchanges and data centers passenger comfort in vehicles air quality and contaminant control in laboratories, research facilities, hospitals and underground car parks.

Automotive :

In the past decade Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) analysis became an essential part of Automobile designing. The reason to use CFD as an alternate of Experimentation is its cost effectiveness way of producing graphical engineering observations. These observations helps an Automobile engineer to optimize his design very prior to fabrication by giving him a better understanding of various components of the Automobile

Aerospace :

CFD has been implemented into aero for various applications for more than 4 decades. There are various components in Aerospace industry which can be virtually wind tunnel tested using CFD, Analyzer has expertise in following areas:

De-icing, Aeroacoustics , Turbomachinery, Fuel system sloshing, Aerodynamic Load Estimation, Passenger Comfort and HVAC, Avionics Thermal Management, External and Internal Aerodynamics, Prediction of Lift, Drag, Shocks, and Flow separation, Intake, Exhaust, Nozzle, and Diffuser Aerodynamic Analysis