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Company: Advanced Thermal Solutions, Inc (ATS) is a leading edge engineering/manufacturing company focused on the thermal management of electronics. The company was founded in 1989 and is world renowned for its portfolio of more than 450 high and ultra performance heat sinks, research quality test equipment and leading edge R&D. ATS has established its own manufacturing centre in US, developed strategic partnerships with Asian Manufacturers, opened facilities at Europe, Engineering office at Holland. ATS product offerings expanded to Advanced Fan Trays, Liquid Cooling Systems, Advanced Cooling Systems and Next Generation Thermal Test Instruments.


X-Cut Straight Fin Heat Sink Fins offer omni-directional air flow for optimum thermal performance independent of PCB lay-out. Stainless Steel Screw Fan Attachment - Ensures dependable long-term fan to heat sink assembly. Component Attachment - ATS maxiGRIPTM is a proven high reliability mechanical attachment system. ATS maxiGRIPTM Hardware includes a High Performance Plastic "Frame Clip" and 300 Series Stainless Steel "Spring Clip"- avoiding PCB through holes Provided with pre-assembled Thermal Interface Material (TIM) centered on base. "Keep-Out" Requirements: An "Un-Populated" boarder zone of 5 mm around the component is necessary to facilitate the Installation/Removal of the maxiGRIP™. Please refer to the maxiGRIP™ Keep-Out Guidelines and maxiGRIP™ Installation/Removal Instructions for further details. Please Note: FAN NOT INCLUDED. Fan type is specific to individual customer requirements. Fans need to be independently sourced.

Research Quality, Closed Loop Wind Tunnel CLWT-100

The CLWT-100 is a research quality wind tunnel designed for component, heat sink, printed circuit board, and unit level characterization. It can be used for flow characterization, flow visualization and thermal resistance measurements. The CLWT-100TM is a closed loop design capable of delivering air flows from 0 to 5 m/s and producing temperature ranges from -100C to +850C.

WTC-100 W/WT

WTC-100TM is a device to control the air velocity in a chamber-like wind tunnel or card rack. WTC-100TM helps automate thermal characterization of heat sinks, boards, components in a wind tunnel or card rack testing for different fan tray configurations.

Automatic Temperature and Velocity Scanner e ATVS-8TM

The e ATVS-8TM Automatic Temperature and Velocity Scanners are portable, 8-channel hot wire anemometer systems. Fully automated, these research-quality instruments take accurate single or multi-point measurements of air temperature, velocity and surface temperature in complex environments, such as PCBs and electronics enclosures. When used as temperature loggers, they can measure both fluid and solid temperatures.

Candlestick Sensor

The Candlestick Sensor from Advanced Thermal Solutions, Inc., is a flexible, robust, base-and-stem design sensor that measures both temperature and air velocity for characterizing thermal conditions in electronic system

Differential Pressure Transducer for Highly Accurate Measurements within Electronic Systems PTM – 1000

The PTM-1000TM Pressure Transducer Module is a four channel test instrument for measuring differential pressure in enclosures where air flow integrity is critical to proper performance. As the demand for more energy efficient cooling grows, the need for measuring the pressure at each source of heat generation will follow.